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ADHT Solutions specializes in installation, maintenance and support of affordable and feature-rich telephone systems geared towards small to medium-sized businesses in Greater Philadelphia area and the surrounding region.

We utilize various reliable systems made by depending on customer’s requirements and budget. All of the systems we offer support VoIP plus all other options offered by competition and more, while being within small to mid-size business budgets.

Features such as remote extension over internet to support teleworkers, tying offices together into a single system, forwarding voice mail to email as sound file (.wav) and hosting virtual extensions for sales people on the road are just some of the endless possibilities our systems offer. As everything else in the world of technology, telephone systems become better, more capable and more affordable very rapidly. Let us educate you about the latest technological advances in telephony, and provide you with a competitive quote free of charge, should you feel you are ready to enjoy all the benefits and savings our systems have to offer.

We take great pride in our Philadelphia area small business solutions and stand behind them. We will support your business through installation and at any time should problems ever arise, or changes are needed as your business evolves and grows, we are just a phone call away.


Our telephone systems are full of features that small businesses need and large businesses take for granted, including features that cost extra on other systems. Unlike your telephone company services such as voicemail and call forwarding you don’t have to pay every month for.

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