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Auto Attendants – Auto Attendants Greet callers with pre-recorded messages that offer touchtone choices and connect callers to extensions or groups such as “Sales”. It’s like having your own receptionist 24 hours a day. There are multiple levels of auto attendant, so you can offer multiple options and sub-options for callers.

Multiple Languages – Our Systems speak fluent English, French or Spanish. You can let your customers select the language of their choice when the auto attendant answers, and the prompts at individual extensions can use different languages.

Music on Hold – Play music or custom-made announcements for callers on hold. You can use an MP3 file or plug in a local radio staion into PBX tuned to local channel.

Dial-By-Name Directory – Callers can select an extension by dialing the name of the person they want to reach.

Ring Groups – Send calls to internal extensions in a department. Ring multiple extensions simultaneously and use different ring patterns to identify types of calls such that you can identify which department caller is trying to get hold of to properly respond to the call.

Call Queue – If an extension or ring group is busy, the caller gets the option to leave a message, remain on hold, or return to the auto attendant. At your extension, you get notified of queued inbound calls.

Mode Scheduling – Handle incoming calls differently at different times of the day, days of the week and on holidays. Our Systems can professionally handle calls during and after regular business hours.

Call Conference – Connect multiple parties on one phone call.

Call Hold Transfer/Park – Hold calls. Transfer calls to local or remote extensions, ring groups, or voicemail.

Automatic Hotline Calling – Automatically dial a set number when a specific phone is picked up. Perfect for door phones or any other public area.

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