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Phone Systems - Connect Anywhere

Connect Anywhere – Any phone, anywhere, can be added as an extension of the system. Integrate mobile and teleworkers, stay connected anywhere, and give your customers a single number to contact you.

Voicemail to E-mail – Receive e-mail notification of new voicemail, with or without the message attached as an audio file.

Call Cascade – If your extension is busy, not answered, screened, or on “do not disturb”, calls can ring a sequence of other extensions or ring groups. With call cascade, TalkSwitch can make several attempts to locate you before sending the caller to voicemail.

Call Forward – Send calls to any other local or remote extension, to a ring group, or voice mailbox.

Call Waiting – If another call comes in while you’re on the phone, you are notified and the caller ID is displayed. You can easily toggle between calls.

System Speed Dials – Store multiple numbers on your system for easy access.

Caller-ID Routing – Handle calls differently based on where they come from. Ensure critical calls get instant access, and telemarketers don’t.

Intercom – Place calls from one extension to another.

Public Announcement – Phone System can be connected to a PA (Overhead Paging) system, or announcements can be made through the speakers of selected telephone models.

Call Pickup – Pick up calls from other extensions.

Distinctive Ring – You can have different kinds of calls handled in different ways. TalkSwitch supports telephone company distinctive ring features.

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