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ADHT Solutions was formed by individuals with many years of experience in the field and industry certificates to prove it. Our main goal is to provide great customer service by offering small to medium-sized businesses a single solution in Information Technology – our core field of competency.

Since our inception, our solutions have grown and evolved. We integrate systems such as CCTV, Business Telephone Systems, Voice over IP and other IT related services. It only seemed natural as “Convergence” of various technologies around Networking core is the direction Information Technology is taking for many reasons. No longer can any company effectively build and support their converged systems without fully understanding the computer network those systems are running on. Fortunately for us, and all of our customers, we are able to build modern systems right the first time. One of the main reasons our customers are happy with our services, is the effectiveness of our support model. With us, there is no “finger pointing” as it often happens when various vendors and integrators are involved. Our main goal is to provide a single solution for all IT needs of our customers!

Every day we strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions that will allow their unique businesses to run smoother and more effectively. We always remember that we exist for our customers and because of our customers.

If you are looking for the company that has a great respect for the customer, we need to talk!

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