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Phone Systems - Save Money

Voicemail – Built-in voicemail saves you paying monthly for phone company voicemail, and it’s centralized, so you don’t have to check different mailboxes for cell and office phones.

Call Back/Call Bridge – Access your office long distance savings plan from anywhere around the world. Lets your long distance savings plan travel with you.

Automatic Route Selection – Automatically send certain kinds of outgoing calls through specific phone lines. All long-distance calls, for example, can use a specific line or group of lines that is connected to your least expensive long distance or international provider.

Toll Restriction – Prevent unauthorized long-distance or international calling from any local extension.

Call Detail Record Logging – Assign accounts to calls and track length of calls for billing of professional services.

Remote Management – Change configuration of the system remotely.

Hunt Group Balancing – Ensure that your outgoing calls find and use phone lines in the best way possible for your business.

Auto Fax Detection – Automatically route faxes without wasting money on a dedicated fax line.

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