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Site-to-Site VPN

Run your business from multiple locations

If your business has more than a single location with multiple computer networks and phone systems that need to act as a single system, we can make it happen securely and inexpensively. Days of emailing each other Word and Excel documents are over! The time when you needed to lease expansive point-to-point lines from telecom providers is long gone, too. Now you can utilize internet connections to interconnect all your offices into a single meshed (communication any-to-any) network. This inter-office connection can greatly reduce your phone bill as with the compatible phone system you can send your interoffice calls over VPN for free! This method is called “toll bypass” and is especially effective if you have offices in other countries. All data transferred between your offices is encrypted to the highest and most secure standard available. This encryption (3DES) is so secure that the US government does not allow export of network equipment that supports 3DES to many countries. Can you guess why? Because no one, including thw US government, can intercept and decrypt date encrypted by 3DES.

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