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Remote Access VPN

Access your workspace from anywhere

Remote Access allows your traveling (road warriors) or home-based employees all of the convenience of being in the office while away! By encrypting the data coming to and from your network, and password protecting access to it, we can allow your employees safe and secure remote access to your confidential data from home or the road. A simple VPN logon that even the inexperienced user can perfect gives them remote access to any data, resources (fax machines, printers, phones or files on your network). You can even have a phone extension from your work phone system at home. Does your receptionist need to work from home this week or even permanently? No problem! She/he will be able to seamlessly perform all the normal duties from home including answering phone calls and transferring them to her boss in the office (or on the mobile phone) when needed. In a nutshell, if your employees do not require face to face interaction, they can be fully integrated into your office systems, including telephone. You will save office space while providing great benefit to your employees.

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