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Why have 50 servers when you can use 10?

If you bought servers within the last 10 years, chances are your machines can be used in a much smarter way with virtualization. Studies show that in a classic architecture (where one machine serves one operating system) over 70% of resources are not being used. In Addition, when the machine fails your operation grinds to a halt until the physical server is replaced, the operating system is reinstalled and pre-existing configurations are manually replicated. Recover in minutes instead of days. Save on power, hardware and technician costs. Improve customer and employee user experience. Call us today!

Virtualization is not luxury. It's Necessity.

Server virtualization is absolutely necessary for today’s companies. A significant amount of small and medium sized businesses still put up with unnecessary hardware costs and preventable risk of down-time. Call us to learn what virtualization can do for you.

Consolidate Without Compromise

With virtualization, your software is no longer dependent on the machine that’s running it. This protects against downtime by automatically moving entire operating systems (configurations, users, applications, files, etc.) to another machine when a piece of hardware fails.