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Hosted Email Servers

Email Servers

Microsoft Exchange is an advanced email, collaboration & groupware server that integrates seamlessly into Windows and Outlook. If you need all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, but you’re not ready for an upfront investment, we have the solution for you. For a small monthly fee and no upfront investment, we will support, maintain and backup as many user mailboxes as you need. Additional benefits of outsourced email is scalability. Did your business triple in size? No problem! We have enough power in our infrastructure to add as many mailboxes and storage as your business needs today, without re-investing money into server hardware and licensing, which can be costly. You will also be able to host your own email domain such as which significantly improves the image of your company, as opposed to using shared email systems such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.


  • Modify, Add, Delete users as needed
  • Create as many email addresses as you need for the same user
  • Assign multiple email addresses to user accounts
  • Monitor, save and track email messages that come into or out of your office
  • Block email transmission to/from specific users or domains (Example: block all messages from addresses)
  • Impose your own limit on the size of mailboxes or have no limit at all
  • Share calendars between multiple users, schedule and track appointments, and view availability of any users based on their calendar. Instantly see if Joe Smith is available for a meeting at specific time, with just a few clicks

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