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EMC Data Center

EMC hosted storage provides your customer the highest level of security by getting access to their real-time environment and storing all critical surveillance videos at an off-site facility. You customers will have security and peace of mind with 24/7 surveillance and backed up digital surveillance videos that can be accessed whenever they need it.

Security Specifications implemented in the EMC Data Center:

  • Complies with European Union Safe Harbor Privacy Principles whenever applicable
  • Passed SAS 70 level 2 audits
  • ISO 27001 certified

Have the confidence of having the surveillance videos accessible to you on demand. The networks and data centers of EMC have put safety measures with multiple failover redundancy to ensure all customer data are backed up. We have dedicated high-speed lines, worldwide network and fault-tolerant hardware that ensure there will be no single point of failure. Moreover, there are generators and backup batteries as well as multiple power and connectivity feeds that ensure all data are available whenever needed by the customer. The Network Operations Center of EMC operates 24/7 to monitor the availability of all service from around the world and to monitor the more than 50,000 applications working every second.

Cost-effective Solutions

EMC data centers offer predictable costs for surveillance video storage. You can have the flexibility to choose smaller or bigger hosted storage based on your company and customer’s needs. You can tailor the storage services to accommodate your customers while enabling them to comply with the changes in regulatory and industry-specific requirements.

Your customers have the freedom to change or add surveillance duration or location and easily re-allocate the cameras but only have incremental costs associated with each of the changes and without any storage and back up interruptions. We offer pre-defined pricing customers can easily access to see the impact of any changes they want to make on their security systems. This is an affordable solution for their operation costs, with great reduction and elimination of high-cost capital investments for security implementation and maintenance.

You gain flexibility to quickly adapt to your customer’s evolving needs and to meet market opportunities by using EMC surveillance video storage. The deployment of hosted storage powered by EMC is affordable with flexible options available for you. EMC allows you to choose from self-hosted, hosted or a combination of both to fit your pricing structure and business model needs.

Partnership and Storage Solutions

Being an experienced and long standing leader in the market for hosted storage, a partnership with EMC can ensure leadership and outstanding innovation that can effectively reduce your need to market. We have sustained and substantiated our investments in Research and Development along with our thousands of R&D and technical staff we have across the globe. This means you can offer industry leading and high-standard storage solutions to acquire more customers and gain new business opportunities.

EMC partnered with various organizations worldwide, across all industries or various sizes, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. EMC’s experience and commitment in providing cutting-edge storage solutions based on a well-defined roadmap provides you the confidence that the solutions implemented right now will be viable in the future.

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